What our parents are saying

Our 2 boys have been attending WPA since they were both around 2, now with our oldest 5 and in the Pre-K class we’ve been a part of all 4 classrooms. We’ve loved our experience here! It’s a truly warm, welcoming and nurturing environment. Our boys LOVE it here and look forward to school days!

Being a smaller school the teachers know all the students/parents and we’ve also made friends among the parent community. They learn, play and are loved by this wonderful WPA family. We’re so happy we chose Wilmington Preschool of the Arts! -Shandi McDonnell, 1/2018

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What Our Parents Are Saying

The BEST pre-K of all! My son is 4 and goes in every day with big smile on. He cannot wait for the weekend to be over to meet again with his friends and teachers! The curriculum is extremely rich in learning content, as well as leaves lots of room for fun. Kids are learning while they playing. Teachers are very patient,  giving and extremely attentive. The entire school shines with creativity, art and a great atmosphere the very minute you walk in. 

Sometimes I want to stay and play! Great value, 

Great choice. For us. Regards, Beata Duskova.


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